About Me

The focus of my practice is to help my clients connect with what is important to them; facilitate the process of fulfilling their unmet needs while empowering them to live an inspired life. There are a variety of ways that this can be accomplished, but fundamentally what will begin to create changes is the development of a new context for your life and the expansion of your personal awareness. Our relationship will be the catalyst for change because it is through the trusting interactions that each client finds the strength and the courage they need to make the changes in their lives that most matters to them. The process is similar whether clients come in individually, as a couple, or a family, however the difference is the focus of the therapy.

I am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, my family of origin is from Chile and I grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

My Promise to You

  • I will connect with you where you are emotionally.
  • My relationship with you is sacred and confidential.
  • You are safe to express you deepest fears, shame, sadness or anything else you need to share.
  • I will never judge you.
  • I will be present in each session to support you in your process.
  • If I can’t help you or if your concerns are beyond my scope of services I will honestly share this with you and we can look for alternatives that will best help you.
  • My utmost commitment is to explore, support, and challenge you to have the relationships you would like to have.
  • Your secrets and struggles are welcomed.
  • Our work together is about connection and trust, not about what you should do and what is right.
  • I believe in your ability to heal, take care of yourself.
  • I believe your inner voice will guide you to what is important to you.
  • I believe that you are powerful beyond what you know yourself to be and together we can discover this untapped potential.

Training and experience

University of Miami M.S. Ed. – 1997
Family Empowerment Program – Program Director and Supervisor 1998- 2000
Redirecting Children’s Behavior Parent Educator – 1999
Certified Hypnotherapist – 2000
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Florida – 2000
Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom Trainer – 2003
Certified Psych-K Practitioner – 2007
Landmark Education Introduction Leader – 2008-2010
Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist in Maryland – 2011
Developing Capable Young People Facilitator – 2011
Conscious Discipline Summer Institute – 2011
Post Graduate Degree Bowen Center for the Study of the Family – 2012-2013
Emotional Focus Therapy Training for Couples Externship – 2013
Discernment Counseling Certified – 2013
Landmark Education Communication Course Curriculum – 2013
Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience Level 1, 2, 3 – 2014
Emotional Focus Couples Therapy Training Externship – 2013
Core Skills – 2013-14
Core Skills Plus – 2014-15
Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy Training & Education Level 1 & Level 2 – Lisa Ferentz
Trauma Certification Level 1 & Level 2
AEDP – Diana Fosha Ph.D
Immersion – 2015
Essential Skills – 2015-16
Working with a Neurobiological Legacy of Trauma – Janina Fisher Ph.D – 2015-16

Professional Affiliations

AEDP Institute www.aedpinstitue.org

AEDP MetroDC www.aedpmetrodc.org

AEDP Rocky Mountains www.aedprockymountains.org

Tranformative Couple Therapy www.cfftsite.com


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