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(Names have been changed to protect client’s confidentiality)

This letter is an open testimonial regarding my experience working as a patient with Olga Bloch as my personal therapist. I've periodically seen therapists over the course of my lifetime to help me organize my issues and create action-oriented plans to help me understand how to work through my issues with my life. Needless to say it's a very hard thing to get ahead of or even work "through" but this year I've been able to understand what a true therapist can do – she leads to the trough and doesn't deviate from the path just because I may not be thirsty enough to drink. This year with Olga has been quite frankly, revolutionary compared to the years of my life that have come before. Olga has helped me not work on "change" (like a lot of therapists before) but has helped me create all new action steps and all new perspective on my life and my relationships. Through the work I've done with Olga I'm not only staying in my relationships and engaging in those relationships but I'm actually able to build all new relationships with the many people I have either known for a lifetime or new people that come into my life on a daily basis as a healthcare provider myself; relationships that I'm actually responsible for with a much greater level of integrity and honesty and not for other people but for myself. Needless to say the work I've done with Olga has changed my life and will continue to do so. With absolutely no hesitation I recommend Olga Bloch if you're looking to create a whole new version of yourself with greater love, like, potential, happiness, or anything else you're looking to create."

- Authentically yours,
Dr. Bob

Until I started my sessions with Olga, I felt like my life was a constant roller-coaster. Dealing chronic migraines for years and going through a couple serious life changes put me on edge, and I felt out of control of my life and emotions. I had been to a couple therapists before, and had some success with one, but from my first session with Olga I knew that my time with her would be different. She has a unique approach to therapy, which I believe stems from her profound knowledge and balanced understanding of the world. She is extremely skilled at breaking down my emotions, uncovering the root of the issue/emotion, and finding a more balanced way to handle life's challenges (past, present and future challenges!). She knows when to offer support and when to push, yet maintains a non-judgmental, caring environment through it all. Although Olga already has a wealth of knowledge and wide-array of effective techniques she is on a constant quest for new information. She doesn't hesitant to find and use whatever technique will work best for each person. I've referred my two closest friends to her and from the first session they were also hooked. She is a wonderful guide on the path to knowing oneself better, loving oneself more, and weathering the storms of life in a more peaceful way. I've been going to Olga for approximately one year, and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I feel happier and and more balanced on a day-to-day basis. I have a better understanding of myself and the world around me. I am beginning to let go of my constant perfectionism and need for control, and instead love myself for who I am. I'm beginning to view the world as a benevolent space in which I can flourish. I'm even learning to appreciate life's challenges as life lessons, and I'm enjoying finding new and improved ways to cope with all of those challenges. Perhaps I would have learned this improved way of being slowly (very, very slowly) throughout my lifetime, but I am so incredibly grateful that I found Olga when I did, and that I've been able to walk down this path with her guidance. My family, friends and even co-workers can see the difference that it has made, and recognize how valuable of an experience this has been for my happiness and well-being. And even though I've improved a lot, I still continue to love my sessions with her as I go through this human experience of challenges, happiness and love. I highly recommend sessions with Olga Bloch to any and everyone!"

- Samantha

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Denise Fuentes
Dr. Charles

Olga Bloch is an amazing woman and has been a great influence on my life. She helps you discover what you are missing and get clarity on the things that confuse you in your life. She is very knowledgeable, fluent, experienced, versatile therapist that can help you discover places that you never thought you can reach. I continue to come back to Olga because 99 percent of the time I will leave her office feeling better about my life at that present moment and I have a good direction on where I should be focusing my energy. The 1 percent I of the time I leave feeling a little more confused, but that is the other reason I go back. She makes you think that there will always be a time where you can improve your situation and life. I call her a "mind ninja" and she will help you reach places that are possible only if you let go of your ego."


Tired of talking textbooks and therapists that just don’t care, Olga Bloch is one of a kind! She combines her education and professional skills with care, authenticity, and compassion. I have seen therapists in the past that simply lack the ability to connect and struggle to find the true root of a problem. I am forever grateful for her care, skill, and dedication to craft. I genuinely believe seeing Olga makes me the best me I can be! I continue to see her, in good times or bad, because I find value in every visit, even when I least expect it. THANK YOU!


Olga is the best of the best.
I have known Olga for a few years. It IS quite rare and special to find a therapist who can grow with you and continue to effectively support you throughout your journey of self discovery and development. And a journey it has been!
She has incredible passion, love, and skill for helping individuals, couples, and families be happy and successful in their lives and relationships. She’s constantly seeking out and studying new and different therapeutic modalities to support her in being the most effective channel for change and growth with her clients.
She is open, loving, authentic, and I can count on her to “tell it like it is”; which is MOST valuable to me because I want to learn, grow, and get out there and live the life I desire. She has been and continues to be an INCREDIBLE support and an INVALUABLE, all-important resource to me throughout my personal development.
I’m so thankful to have been introduced to her so many years ago and appreciative I have found such an incredible asset to my happiness and living the life I want.

Grateful in Miami