The decision to divorce is never an easy one, especially if there are children involved. Sometimes couples are contemplating divorce but are not quite ready to make that decision so they find that their relationship is in a holding pattern, it lacks closeness and connection but they are not ready to separate. Discernment Counseling is recommended if you find yourself in this position. It is a short term, no longer than 5 sessions, structured counseling session to facilitate the process in helping couples to decided if they would like to pursue the divorce route or remove divorce from the table and focus on repairing their relationship. This is the step taken before couple's therapy or before seeing a divorce lawyer.

If you are contemplating a divorce, have already made the decision to divorce, are in the process of a separation or have finalized your divorce there are many facets of your emotional well being that have been affected by these changes.

Some of them might be:
• Feelings of loss, anger, resentment, rage, and confusion, or frustration towards your spouse or ex-spouse.
• Unresolved pain from repeated abuse, neglect, attachment injuries, betrayal and years of dysfunction.
• Concerns for how this will impact your children and how to help them deal with the changes they are facing.
• Fears about starting new relationships, becoming financially independent, or being alone.

Olga Bloch has helped many individuals through this difficult and painful life phase. Close support, guidance, and validation are vitally important to help you feel grounded and gain a clear sense of direction. Oftentimes during these intense emotional periods judgment becomes clouded and it's so hard to discern what is the best course of action. Olga has a compassionate and caring nature to allow you to share your experiences and support you in a way that helps you during this difficult life transition.

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