Here are some common questions or concerns that individuals and couples come to see Olga for:

I've lost that loving feeling, can I get it back?

I'm not sure what to do because our relationship is in a rut?

I'm worried because when conflict arises my partner or I either blow up in anger or shut down in avoidance, or some use some passive-aggressive combination that gets us nowhere?

My partner and I are so busy with the kids, work, and life that I/we forgot about our relationship and are unsure how to reconnect?

I've felt so disconnected and lonely that I sought out an affair, and now want help sorting through the guilt and confusion so I can figure out how to get my relationship back?

I feel like we are sexually incompatible, is this something that we can change or improve?

My partner and I have issues around our sex life, can therapy really help us?

These are questions that Olga has helped many couples to understand and get back to a thriving and connected relationship. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, in practice since 2000, she has successfully worked with individuals and couples, to improve their struggling relationships, and rekindle the flame that brought them together. Olga is continuously learning about the newest developments in relationship and sex therapies.

Olga enjoys working with all kinds of couples from dating, to newlyweds, or long term relationships. She believes that conflicts are the ways in which couples are expressing their deep need for connection and intimacy. All of us are always developing and just want to live happy and connected lives.

Olga uses a developmental and experiential model, informed by the latest attachment theory in adulthood called Emotional Focused Couples Therapy. The focus is to help couples feel closer and find healthier ways to deal with differences and conflict versus staying stuck in the same old rut of unhealthy patterns of conflict and escalating fights, or withdrawal and avoidance of problems.

More information on Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

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