Imagine feeling helpless, stressed and miserable with no relief in sight. Chronic pain takes a physical, mental and emotional toll on those who suffer from it. NBC Washington shares the story of one Virginia woman’s journey to relief with the help of Rockville, MD therapist Olga Bloch, LCMFT.

Sonia Lampkin, 28, spent two years suffering from excruciating chronic migraines that left her feeling hopeless. Bloch helped her look at her chronic pain differently. Therapy won’t necessarily cure migraines, but it helps patients identify and avoid patterns and triggers that often precede the painful headaches. Bloch suggests breathing, visualizing calming scenarios and smelling tranquil scents are effective coping mechanisms.

Since Lampkin started therapy, she’s been able to control the pain and frequency of her migraines and only experiences the headaches every few weeks. “The therapy specifically has been one of the largest aspects that has helped me because it’s really changed my perspective on almost everything.”

Fortunately the same therapy strategy Bloch used with Lampkin chronic migraines can help relieve other kinds of chronic pain.

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The family and marriage therapist tells NBC 4 Washington empty nest syndrome may be met with depression, anxiety and even marital problems. In the beginning, parents are elated to have the house to themselves, but that feeling may wear off soon after. Bloch says it’s typical for parents–both mothers and fathers–to be overcome with sadness, loneliness or loss of identity.

Bloch advises empty nesters to embrace their newfound freedom and explore things they’ve been missing out on, whether it’s career, travel or a hobby.

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Trading in your therapist’s couch for your own is now possible thanks to “Skypotherapy”. Therapists like Olga Bloch, LCMFT, are now using the popular video call service to conduct sessions with patients from the comfort their homes, offices or wherever life takes them.

“I use Skype quite often,” Bloch tells NBC 4. “It’s about a third of my practice, and it’s a really great way to provide therapy for people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to get help.”

With just a few clicks and a steady Internet connection, Bloch, who is based in Rockville, Maryland, sees patients from all over the world. Skypotherapy is a convenient, discreet and less intimidating alternative to face-to-face sessions, which usually requires booking far in advance, and taking time from work or other responsibilities. Many of Bloch’s Skypotherapy clientele live abroad, attend college, have trouble traveling due to physical disabilities or stay-at-home parents.

Skype therapy isn’t recommended for those who’ve experienced significant trauma or suffer from severe mental illness. Bloch says it’s best for those seeking support or coaching in their everyday lives.

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Olga Bloch wasn’t surprised when she read Janay Rice’s Instagram statement about the now-viral Ray Rice elevator video. Bloch, a Rockville marriage and family therapist, believes the comments by the wife of the former Baltimore Ravens running back proves she’s a victim of domestic abuse. Speaking on NBC 4 Washington, Bloch thinks Rice is desperately trying to protect her husband by blaming the media and the public for the couple’s problems. While it’s difficult for others to understand why Janay Rice would protect her husband after such an attack, Bloch believes the violence is a way the two think they express love.

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